Even celebs get acne scars

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Even celebs get acne scars

Hollywood’s known for its beautiful people; particularly those who grace our screens in movies or music videos. People in the fame business are meant to be perfect. They’re supposed to have flawless complexions, look immaculate at all times and have levels of beauty and looks us mere mortals can’t hope to achieve. But that’s not always the case.

Some celebrities are like the rest of us and suffer from acne scars. It’s hard to believe but many actors, actresses and singers at the top of their game have less than perfect skin and have been photographed with scars as a result of adolescent acne.


So who are these stars cursed with the same problem many of their fans experience? You may be able to guess some of them, while others will come as a surprise.

Here’s our list of celebs with acne scars:

1. Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz – As two of Hollywood’s most recognised big names, it might shock you to know that both have prominent acne scars. Diaz in particular, has been photographed many times without makeup on and you can clearly see scaring on her cheeks

2. Megan Fox – Despite being regularly voted one of the world’s most beautiful women, Fox struggles with pimples and scars on her face that she tries to hide when pictured in public

3. Jessica Alba – Like Fox, Jessica Alba is known for her beauty as well as her acting ability. On top of her film work, she does regular modelling assignments and finds the time to look after her two small children. Perhaps this hectic lifestyle is what contributes to the visible acne scars and spots on her skin

4. Britney Spears and Rhianna – These two titans of pop have successful music careers and have achieved an awful lot at a young age. But it seems this doesn’t stop them being prone to acne


5. Victoria Beckham – Posh’s very visible skin scars from acne haven’t stopped her from marrying one of the world’s most desirable men or forging her own successful career in fashion

6. Adam Levine – The Maroon 5 singer and previous holder of the “Sexiest Man Alive” tag has spoken publicly about his battle with acne and the scars it’s left on his skin.

It seems being rich and famous and adored around the globe doesn’t make you immune from acne scars, and there are countless more celebrities who suffer from this condition. However, they have an advantage over the rest of us as they will be photoshopped in their pictures to disguise their imperfections.

The rest of us aren’t so lucky.

Source: NY Daily News – The Celeb Worth
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